Complete Diet Guide For Gains


This Ideal Protein Diet book is perfect for fitness, gaining muscles and fat loss. It includes a healthy mix of complex carbohydrates, proteins, antioxidants and vitamins.
From full meals both you and your family will enjoy to a few quick snacks you can chow down when you’re pressed for time (take about 3 - 5 minutes to prepare). A compilation of my personal experiences with losing fat, gaining lean muscles, staying fit and healthy.

What’s inside this book

☞ Helpful healthy eating strategy before and after workout (science and personal experiences)

☞ My personal tips to eat these meals for optimal results

☞ 34 Fast and easy to cook high protein recipes (100% natural ingredients, no pork meat). Simple and easy-to-find ingredients;no fancy equipment needed.

☞ Everything from healthy Main Dishes for Pre &Post Workout Meals + Various High Protein Snack Recipes + Healthy and Easy Protein Shakes + No Sugar Added Protein Smoothies

☞ Natural home-made detox drink recipes to clean and rejuvenate your entire body

☞ Every single recipe is guided step by step along with high quality photos to accompany each recipe (I cooked &took photos every recipe, 100% real pictures, real foods)

☞ Beautiful and stunning designs, you are sure having a good time reading/cooking

☞ Clickable references to knowledgeable fitness and wellness resources, where to get the best workout supplements/protein powders for optimal results

☞ Amazing menu designs with page number next to each recipe, easy to locate the recipe you want to try

☞ List of high protein sources for your inspirations, along with beautiful photos

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✓ Other devices may need Adobe Reader (it’s free) to view this book in best quality.

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✓ You will get a PDF (43MB) file


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